Eli Ljung Director of Photography
additional work

My lighting package has all the goodies I need to light interviews, product shots, or almost any small to mid-size interior scene.  The toys include:

Intellytech LiteCloth LC-160 2x2 LED mat (bi-color)
Aladdin BiFlex2 1x2 LED mat (bi-color)
Westcott Flex 1x2 LED mat (daylight)
Fotodiox 200W LED fresnel
CAME-TV 150W LED fresnel
Flolight Microbeam 1024 1x1 LED panel
Cool Lights CL-455P fluorescent w/ Kino Flo tubes (same as Diva 400)
Cool Lights CL-255PMD fluorescent w/ Kino Flo tubes (same as Diva 200)

Strand 2K fresnel
Mole Richardson Baby-Baby 1K fresnel
Cool Lights 650W fresnel
Lowel DP 1K open-face fixtures (x 4)
Westcott Spiderlite 1K fixtures for softboxes (x 2)
Mole Richardson Mini 200W fresnels (x 2)
various practical bulbs and sockets, chinaballs, etc.

6'x6' frame w/ silk, grid cloth, double net, and ultrabounce fabrics
Medium Chimera 3'x4' softbox
Small Savage 2'x3' softboxes (x 2)
Small Savage 2'x2' softbox
Westcott FastFlags 2'x3' flag kit
plenty of stands, stingers, grip gear, gels, dimmers, bounce cards, etc.