Eli Ljung Director of Photography
additional work

I own a fair amount of production equipment, so for projects of a certain scale I can function as an easy one-stop shop owner/operator.  On larger projects, I'm happy to work with any of the local rental houses to put together whatever gear is needed.

I own the following gear (click for details):

  Sony FX9 camera package

  Sony FX6 camera package

  Ronin RS 2 camera gimbal

  Dana Dolly compact dolly kit

  Cinevate Axis jib

  Lighting/grip gear

  Audio gear

Other camers I'm fluent with (available as needed):

  Arri Alexa and Alexa Mini
  Red Epic, Weapon, Gemini etc.
  Canon C500, C300, C100
  Sony F55, F5, F3, FS7
  Panasonic Varicam, AF100